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Shinobu Kocho's sword is a weapon used by the character Shinobu Kocho in the anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The sword is a thin and long blade with a purple handle that has a butterfly-shaped guard. It is a Nichirin Sword, a type of sword specifically crafted to kill demons, which have supernatural abilities and powers.

Shinobu is a skilled swordswoman, and she uses her sword in combination with her knowledge of poison to defeat demons. Her sword is coated with a special poison that weakens and slows down the movements of the demons, making them easier to defeat. This poison is called "Wisteria Poison," and it is derived from the wisteria flower, which is known for its toxic properties.

In addition to its unique poison, Shinobu's sword is also very sharp and durable, able to slice through even the toughest demon flesh. Its thin blade allows for precise cuts, making it an effective weapon against demons that are agile and quick.

Overall, Shinobu's sword is a deadly and specialized weapon that reflects her unique skills as a demon slayer. The combination of her swordsmanship and knowledge of poison make her a formidable opponent against even the most powerful demons.


Auto-ejection button included on all Keychains that will holds the sheathe in place until you are ready to remove it.

All Keychains come with a FREE display stand + red ribbon

Our keychains are 9in long & made out of 100% metal for extra durability

 Each one is Handcrafted with extreme attention to detail directly from the show.

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