Spread Love, Don't Shop, Adopt!

We LOVE Animals, since the opening of our very first store in 2015 many of you met Dusty and Oliver, my dogs, both adopted from local rescue groups in South Florida. As many of you know, all our stores are pet friendly, and we appreciate all of you who are kind to any type of animal, you are what makes this world a better place. We like to give back to the community, and support those who unconditionally have taken the task of rescuing those who need to be saved, in any way we can, by spreading their work, and financial support. 

This is why we created a monthly donation program to animal rescue groups, shelters and rehabilitation clinics. Every month we will donate a portion of our sales revenue to a select recipient, and every month we will select a different recipient. 

If you are interested to see who we support, follow us on instagram @superanimestore, we will post every month the organization we will be supporting, get to know them, see their work and support them any way you can.

Thank you all for all the support.