Banpresto Super Saiyan God Son Goku: Dragonball Super - Broly x Cyokoku Buyuden Figure

  • $38.99

Licensed Figure

  • Official licensed product
  • The Cyokoku Buyuden product line from Banpresto aims to create a series of fixed pose figures with superior and fine textures that were reminiscent of animation and original lines in shaded areas from the anime movie "DragonBall Super: Broly".
  • The Cyokoku Buyuden figures could only be found in Japan's UFO Catcher games, and are difficult to get the exact figure you want.
  • Each Cyokoku Buyuden figure is usually ~15cm to ~30cm tall (NOTE: Due to the unique design of each figure, the actual size may be different than stated)
  • Originally available only in Japan, this figure has been imported into the US for all DragonBall fans. For ages 15+. 


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