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Ichiban Kuji: Jujutsu Kaisen (1 Ticket)

Ichiban Kuji: Jujutsu Kaisen (1 Ticket)

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    • Officially Licensed
    • Cute and collectible
    • New and sealed inside retail packaging
    • Limited availability  
    • Originally available only in Japan, it has been imported into the US for all fans. For ages 15+.
    • This is for 1 Ticket for a random prize of the Kuji Lottery game.
    • Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ) is Japanese for Number One Lottery. The Ichiban Kuji is operated by Banpresto and is ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN... Until now! 

       Through out the year there is many different Kuji's for different Japanese Animes like Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Gundam, and many more. To play the Ichiban Kuji, you would either find the poster in the windows of anime shops, bookstores, and convenience stores throughout Japan. You would then go up to the clerk and ask for the Ichiban Kuji you wish to play. In a typical Ichiban Kuji there is anywhere from 60-80 tickets and each ticket is a GUARANTEED WIN!


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Love this store! They recently got an upgrade and it’s a lot bigger. Best anime store in south FL⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Merary Flores -