Square Enix Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia Trading Arts Mini Blind Box Figures

  • $9.99

  • Licensed Figure.

    The Price is for 1 (one) Figure.

  • Final fantasy is a science fiction and fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu SAKAGUCHI'S, and developed and owned by Square Eni. The franchise centers on a series of fantasy and science fantasy role-playing video games.

    Character List: Cloud Strife (Full Color), Cloud Strife (Manikin Color), Lightning (Full Color), Lightning (Manikin Color), Tidus (Full Color), Tidus (Manikin Color), Squall Leonhart (Full Color), Squall Leonhart (Manikin Color), Zidane Tribal (Full Color), Zidane Tribal (Manikin Color)


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