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V.F.G. Macross F VF-25F Messiah Ranka Lee Macross 40th Anniversary - COMING SOON

V.F.G. Macross F VF-25F Messiah Ranka Lee Macross 40th Anniversary - COMING SOON

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Item will ship after Nov 2023
  • Official Product
  • Cute and Collectible
  • Makes a great gift
  • Limited Availability
  • Originally available only in Japan, this figure has been imported into the US  fans. For ages 15+.
  • Super-time-space Cinderella "Ranka Lee", Macross 40th Anniversary Kit will be available as VF Girl!
  • Macross 40th Anniversary model of the super-time-space Cinderella "Ranka Lee" will be released as VF Girl! For the first time in the series, a cloth "Interstellar Flight" stage costume is included. The "VF-25F Messiah" special color fuselage with ribbon design is also included, and the folded speaker and carrot speaker pods create a live atmosphere. Also included are parts to recreate the image of the DYNAM Chogokin costume, as well as a microphone stand, the tuna bun, Ai-kun, cell phone, the key from "Nji-iro Kuma Kuma," and other useful accessory parts.
  • 【PR points】
  • Color-coded molding, no glue required snap kit
  • Includes "Interstellar Flight" stage costume made of cloth for the first time in the series.
  • Original colors for the 40th anniversary of Macross.
  • Exclusive coloring can be reproduced by applying the included stickers and decals.
  • Reproduction of three forms of fighter, Gawalk and Battroid by recombinant deformation is possible.
  • Folded speaker, carrot speaker pod included
  • Includes parts to reproduce the image of DYNAM Chogokin costume
  • Ai-kun, cell phone included
  • Comes with runner parts such as microphone stand, tuna bun, Valkyrie backpack etc.
  • The display base is not included.
  • The image is a prototype and has been painted for photographic purposes. It may differ from the actual product.
  • This product is a plastic model kit. Tools are required for assembly.


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  • The release of this item may be cancelled by the manufacturer, in that case a full refund will be issued for all pre-orders. 


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